The Summit 

Style & Presence invites us to join together for a potent celebration and exploration into our self worth as womxn and how this relates to the worth of the world. As we stand here in 2020 with everything that has come to the surface, we see we are living in a world of distortion and destruction, and at the same time beauty and possibility. 
The systems of patriarchy, colonisation and neo-liberalism have culminated in our worth being for sale in blatant and subtle ways. White woman paying to tan, brown women bleaching their skin light, people dying to make clothes that are worn once...The list goes on and on. 
These insecurities feed a whole system of modern day slavery, toxic chemical dumping and landfill waste as we struggle to keep up the pressures, and wear our perfect masks. All this energy on the exterior can take precious time away from the inner healing and the real transformative work these times are calling forth in us.
There is another path, the way of the empowered woman, who is co-creating a beautiful future. 
This summit wakes us up to our knowledge and embodiment that we are worth more than this cycle of fear, greed, and exploitation - reminding us how to move away from this toxic culture into one of cultivating both style and presence. 
True style comes from the heart, it’s knowing who we are and what is important to us. It’s responding to the times we live in, an ecological and human rights crisis, and with compassion expressing our creativity through how we show up in the world. 
Presence is being in authenticity with this, so we can radiate our truth in whatever situation we are in. We become somebody that turns heads when we walk into a room, because we are in alignment with ourselves and our feminine power. This is about more than what we wear, but who we are. Coming into our wholeness, and reclaiming all the parts of ourselves, that we may have cast out or never before discovered within. 

We cultivate our style and presence by deepening our true self worth, and understanding our relationship with what we are here to contribute to the worth of the world. From this place we can open new pathways to healing, joy and activism that mirror our own sense of love and worth with our relationship to each other, and the earth. 

Style & Presence invites us into this deeper dance with all of life. 

Style & Presence  is our Reclamation of Worth. 

Themes We Will Explore

* Self Worth 
* The Worth of the World 
* Sustainable Fashion
* Natural Beauty 
* Cultural Appropriation 
* Feminism 
* Pleasure Activism 
* Leadership 
* Intuition & Vision
* Yoga & Ancient Wisdom 
* The Art of Adornment 
* Sacred Activism
* Healing Toxic Culture 
* Divine Feminine 
* Priestess Archetype 
* Decolonisation 
* Collaboration 
* Goddess Mythology 
* Cycles of Womanhood
* Embodiment 
* Emergent Strategy 
* Collective & Planetary Systems Change 

Join The Summit

It's a gift to you. We will have some live sessions over these days as well as some that have been recorded in advance. You can join from any time zone. It will take place over the new moon weekend and the festival of Diwali, a perfect time to be in community and shine together. 


Hosted By Amisha Ghadiali & The Future Is Beautiful  


We already have some incredible, inspiring speakers lined up for this as it has been gently in the making now for some time.

We will be announcing the full line up soon very soon!  

Including Sonya Renee Taylor & Miki Agrawal

Amisha Ghadiali  

Amisha Ghadiali is a facilitator and host of the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds dance. 

She is an experienced facilitator and has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other and the earth. She has hosted many retreats. workshops and rituals around the world, and designed programmes including The Heart of Transformation, Wild Grace, and a five month residential fellowship in community facilitation leadership. She creates brave, tender and inclusive spaces for our hearts unfolding, healing and embrace of our wildness. 

Amisha also works one to one with her Presence Leadership Mentoring programme, hosts Presence: for Creative, Connected and Courageous Living and created the collaborative book The Future Is Beautiful - A Collection from Think Act Vote.

Her own training has included over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, energy medicine, priestess initiation and deep time learning with mystics, teachers, swamis and nature. This deep commitment to understanding truth combined with over 15 years of experience working in Politics, Design, Tech and Sustainable Fashion gives Amisha a strong base of Community Weaving, Sacred Activism and Innovation. She had key roles in visionary projects and social enterprises including: Ethical Fashion Forum, Impact Hub, Provenance, Fashion Revolution and Compass. 

The Future Is Beautiful Podcast 

How will you create beauty in the world? 

From healing trauma to vision to new technologies to ancient wisdom to regeneration - it’s time for us to move beyond silos and into an integrated way of being. Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. We are all called to be leaders at this time. This is the revolution. Despite the challenges we face as a global community, or the pressures that we meet in our daily lives, when we stop and dare to dream, to ask ourselves the big questions and to share what we are already doing, we create the future that we wish to wake up for. That Future Is Beautiful. 

The podcast is a space for deep long conversations about things that matter and explore the weave between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas included here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future.

 All created without sponsorship or mainstream backing - so totally independent and listener supported. We have an all female multi-cultural team working on the production of the show. 

A Personal Invitation


Style & Presence brings together fifteen years of work (and a lifetime of personal experience) exploring our relationship with self-worth, the worth of the world and how these two things are connected. 

One of the living questions of my life has been on our relationship of worth. Who decides what has worth and why? How do we reclaim the meaning of our lives, the objects in it, and how they have been created? 
So much of our worth seems pre-determined and externally validated in this world. Titles, race, number of instagram followers, the designer of your handbag…. We have lost connection of our soul radiance and the invitation to possibility that lives in all of us. We construct our identities, in part by preference and in part by inheritance. 
I grew up in an Indian family, surrounded by beautiful colours and patterns through our clothes, jewellery and textiles. I always had an eye for design and a love of how clothes can make us feel, how they can transport us to what feels like other lands, and open up unknown parts of ourselves. Something very powerful can happen through that dress or that piece of jewellery. There is this beautiful art of adornment and radical self love - that operates on a different level of consciousness to our toxic culture of fast fashion, insecurity and never being enough. 
Whilst studying and working in politics, I created my own jewellery label in 2006 which had the tagline "elegance rebellion.” It was activism disguised as fashion. I wanted to create something that was precious and had meaning on many levels, from the effect the crystals had on your subtle body, to the shapes and style, to where the materials came and who made them. I set up what was in those days an ethical jewellery label. It was not something you could google, and there were no certified materials. I went myself to India and asked questions, met artisans and created by own supply chain. It wasn’t perfect but it was something. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to do such fast seasons but instead create pieces you kept for life and handed on. I loved creating my label and despite it’s success in many ways, I struggled with my own sense of worth through the challenge of putting something so close to my heart in the world with my own name on it. 
I got really involved with the growing Sustainable Fashion movement through roles such as production of the first ever ethical fashion awards RE:FASHION, associate director of the Ethical Fashion Forum, project manager of Spotlight on Sourcing with DFID, founding board member of Fashion Revolution, host of Future Fashion events with Soho House, and sharing many talks and interviews on sustainable fashion and how our relationship to our clothes could change the world. I had a blog way before Instagram existed where I shared my outfits to show how sustainable choices could be stylish, and share the stories of where clothes came from, the materials that they were made from and who made them. I was co-founder of a tech start up called Provenance which shared the stories behind things. And I created my Rules To Dress By and shared everything I bought each year. 
Somewhere amongst all that (and creating The Future Is Beautiful) I burnt out. I had good intentions but was operating out of an old paradigm. I realised that my inner work had to be the centre of my life from which everything flowed. This led me into ever deeper explorations of the healing arts, yoga, mediation and the priestess. I have many stories of the initiations of this time, and the multiple times I was cracked wide open, and parts of my ego dissolved or softened. I went ever deeper into the cycles of transformation, learning to see in new ways so that I could support others in these journeys. Some of it felt like it was so obvious, things I knew, and yet each time I embodied it more, I realised how much I had been hiding from who I really was, from both the greatness in me and the shame. I felt the pure ecstatic power of my shakti. I felt the spaciousness in my bodymind as trauma and ancestral wounds were healed. I remembered why I was here, and what I was capable of offering into this world. I came into a place of trust of my intuition and so much opened up.  
It occurred to me at some point that I had switched my addiction to fashion & beauty with an ethical/sustainable/natural approach. It was still consuming, and there was often still that feeling of not being worthy somehow. The deeper I went into my own healing journey, I committed to the twin trail of the inner work and the outer activism always. We need both for us to be effective leaders, empowered women - custodians of the beautiful future. 
My own life has become more simple. I live from my intuition and my heart. If I feel shame, my general rule is to share it on my podcast to thousands of people as that tends to transform it. I know I am not alone in what I feel and experience, we are all connected. I found that place in myself that needed no external validation. I kept a lot of my clothes but I stopped needing new things, my make up bag got simpler (like coconut oil is the main thing I have), and I found the confidence to be who I am and be unapologetic about that. It’s freed up more space for joy, and more time to be part of creating the world we want to live in whilst having time for myself, for nature connection and those close to me. 
Style & Presence for those who know me has been a title I have been holding for a long time and have talked about a lot. Since 2012 when a sustainable fashion book I was working on evolved into this piece on worth and the relationship between our inner worlds and the world we are creating. The title changed to Style & Presence, the day I found out I was going to be an Auntie, my niece is now five years old. The subtitle of the book was "take off your masks and wear your authenticity" which takes on new meaning this year! For various reasons this book has never been born. Maybe it will, maybe it’s not necessary. As I was living in a treehouse during lockdown, it came very clear that this weaving was needed at this time. And rather than a book that I write alone, that it could be an emergent and living collaboration between all of us with talks, workshops, space to meet and connect - and this is how it was to be birthed into the world. 
This is part of my story, which I share as maybe you hear yourself in it. If you have ever not believed in yourself, bought clothes you never wore, compared yourself to others, felt not enough for this world, or too much - this summit is for you. 
Let’s rise up, connect and collaborate as we reclaim our worth and what is possible. Let’s live with Style & Presence. 
Love Amisha


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