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In this celebration of my new book INTUITION: Access your inner wisdom, Trust your instincts, Find your path. 

I will share some stories of trusting my own intuition, some insights that came whilst writing the book, and my favourite practices from the book - which I will guide you through. 

Sunday 6th December, 8.15pm GMT 

(Video sent to all who register) 

Intuition: Access your inner wisdom. Trust your instincts. Find your path.


Tune into your senses, develop your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness, and open yourself up to the power of intuition.

Discover the life-changing potential of intuition and use a broad range of practices and techniques designed to reveal your path to innate wisdom.

Connect with your subconscious mind through journaling, meditation, adventure, mindful movement, energy healing, moon rituals - explore what works for you.

Apply your intuition to unlock wellness and fulfilment in any and every area of your life - health, family, relationships, work, creativity and more.

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